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Press Kit
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René Terporten

Phone: (+49) 234 520 002 482


Toernooiveld 100, 6525 EC Nijmegen

The Netherlands

About Radix Secrity

Radix Security is a cyber security start-up with focus on 5G mobile technology. As a university spin-off, the company was founded in 2022 at the Ruhr University Bochum by David Rupprecht and Katharina Kohls and was officially launched in May 2023. Besides its ongoing research in 5G security, Radix Security offers seminars and workshops for businesses that teach the basics and specifics of 5G network security. The company also develops software which tests and monitors various (security) parameters in a 5G network. Both products, training and software tools, are tailored to customer specific needs, targeted at businesses that develop, deploy or maintain a 5G network.


The mission of Radix security is to simplify the complexity of 5G technology for its customers and make it accessible. Alongside an increase in 5G accessibility, the company aims to increase 5G security in general. Radix security is situated at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, and has a branch in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


David Rupprecht (click to enlarge)

David Rupprecht

Katharina Kohls (click to enlarge)

Katharina Kohls

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Dates and Facts

  • Cyber security start-up for 5G mobile technology
  • Conducts research in 5G security
  • Offers seminars and workshops
  • Offers software to continuously test and monitor (security) performance of 5G networks
  • Aims at making 5G technology accessible by simplifying its complexity
  • Founded in 2022 by David Rupprecht and Katharina Kohls
  • Launched in 2023
  • Situated in Bochum (Germany) and Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

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