5G Security Training

Access to knowledge is power

Complexity made accessible.

5G network security is a complex matter: specification documents are long and confusing, and often deployment-specific environments can impact the security of a network, such as the use of a Kubernetes cluster. This increases the complexity for network operators or developers, especially when well-prepared materials on threat models or security requirements cannot be found. For this reason, it is our goal to make these complex structures accessible. This includes in-house seminars where we prepare and teach our expertise. Through lectures and seminars in universities and the private sector, we have gained experience in teaching fundamentals and complex topics of mobile network security. Our training has the following content:

  • Introduction to 5G security
  • Security requirements and attacker in Mobile Network
  • Understanding the 5G Network (Radio and Core)
  • 5G security features and procedures
  • 5G security testing: SCAS and NESAS
  • Kubernetes Security

If you are interested in participating in a training with us, please let us know via a mail to

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