David Rupprecht and Katharina Kohls

Who is Radix?

We are a young and motivated team with a scientific background in mobile network security. With Radix we want to improve the security standards of our networks and provide tools that make high standards easily accessible. We are currently preparing for the first steps on this journey. Our vision is to support every member of our society to get an easy access to secure communication.

The mission of Radix is to become an integral part
of the security of 5G, 6G, and beyond.

David Rupprecht Defining Radix

Our values


You can achieve great things on your own, but you can even set greater goals when working together as a team. We enjoy discussing ideas, fighting impossible bugs, and celebrating successes together.


High quality is a crucial building block for reliable products. Our goal is to provide sound and compelte tools that support customers in their daily tasks. Doing the best job possible motivates us every day.


Being open about failures and flaws is the best way to improvise, adapt, and overcome issues in a project. Integrity is an important aspect of this process and contributes to a transparent and reliable work ethic.


Learning new things, adjusting to new situations, and being flexible are qualities that enable growth. Such openness is an important requirement for the development of a young and accelerating company.

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