David Rupprecht and Katharina Kohls

Who is Radix?

We are a young and motivated team with a scientific background in mobile network security. With Radix we want to improve the security standards of our networks and provide tools that make high standards easily accessible. We are currently preparing for the first steps on this journey. Our vision is to support every member of our society to get an easy access to secure communication.

The mission of Radix is to become an integral part
of the security of 5G, 6G, and beyond.

David Rupprecht Co-Founder of Radix Security

Our values


We value ambition and focus in our everyday work and strive to create a work environment that supports such focus. A well tought through planning ensures that we keep the focus on our work.


We embrace innovation and the intrinsic motivation of our employees to pursue new ideas. This helps us break away from the focus when needed and consider ideas that may improve our work.


We prioritize accessibility and transparency to share and disseminate knowledge among ourselves. When facing problems or questions, we encourage and embody a helpful attitude.


We provide a secure work environment, both mentally and physically. We aim to be fair to our employees and foster a culture of mutual respect and fairness, so that everyone feels comfortable in their own working environment.