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Certification Grade-Security Testing Made Accessible

Radix SEAL

5G network technology and its security pose a major challenge due to their complexity. Certification plans increase the pressure on vendors, test facilities, operators, and integrators.
Radix SEAL allows for testing vulnerabilities and simulating attacks in a 5G core network. It implements the 3GPP testing standard, making it suitable for the product evaluation schemes GSMA NESAS and BSI NESAS-CCS-GI. The tool offers fast testing cycles and an easy-to-use command line interface. It can be integrated into an existing test environment (CI/CD) for rapid development.

5G Campus

Use Cases for Radix SEAL

  • Vendors: You are required by your customer or legal requirements to meet the latest security standards. Radix SEAL can be easily integrated into your development pipeline to continuously check security of your products. You always know if your products meet the latest security standards, and if not, you get an actionable report for your development team.
  • Certification and test facilities: You would like to offer test services for NESAS and NESAS-CCS-GI schemes. However, the 3GPP specification and test cases are complex to implement. Radix SEAL is designed to be easy to use, even without a 5G security background, and it simplifies the artefact generation, enabling you to offer NESAS and NESAS-CCS-GI certification.
5G Phone and SIM
5G Phone and SIM
  • MNOs: You want or need to verify the security measures in your operational network, but the complexity of your network makes it impossible to do this manually. Radix SEAL is able to automatically test the virtualised network environment and generate actionable reports for your team and potential security auditors.
  • Integrators: You are deploying a campus network for a customer and you are questioning if the network is secure, e.g. if the connection is encrypted over the air. Radix SEAL is designed to verify the security implementation of the network. This gives the customer the assurance that 5G is secure to use.

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Product Information

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